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Wireless Solutions

Y5Net provides solutions for businesses and residential properties across Cambodia. Our years of experience make us a favourite choice for anyone who wants fast and reliable internet in their home or business. Whether you’re looking for a wireless or fiber optic option, Y5Net has the solution for you.

Wireless Solutions

Wi-Fi to Home

Wi-Fi to Your HOme / Business

Do you live where you can’t run cables? Is it too expensive or too difficult to run cables? Maybe you live in a borey and you’re not allowed to run cables. If you have that problem, then we can help you. We have many Wi-Fi hotspots in our service areas and you can get high-speed internet in your home without any cables. Contact us for more information about how you can connect to our ultra-fast wireless network.

Residential Options




We have many years of experience providing high quality wireless technology and fiber optic solutions in residential properties. With our wireless solutions, you can enjoy fast internet speeds capable of streaming high-definition video without having to run any cables to your home. This option is great if you live in a borey or you can’t run cables to your house. We also have super-fast dedicated fiber options available. Contact our team for more information.

Commercial Options






We also have many years of experience providing high-quality internet solutions to many businesses throughout the Kingdom of Cambodia. We have solutions for hotels, restaurants and many other types of businesses. Our technical team can assess your specific needs to design your network structure and features to meet your requirements.

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